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The Awl

Literally The Worst Word On The Planet

I have always thought of the word 'literally' as someone else's problem. Then, suddenly, it arrived: My summer of Literally. A recent family vacation revealed m...

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The Awl

Six Reasons To Ignore The 'New York Times' Yoga Article

That New York Times Magazine's article on the dangers of yoga has made a lot of people mad. It didn’t really make me mad—I do too much yoga to get mad,...

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The Awl

How To Bully Children

I do a lot of pretty random stupid shit thinking that I will write about it. Most of my activities turn out to be useless, though there’s always the idea that...

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The Awl

Why Yoga Can Be So Irritating (Although You Should Go Anyway!)

In addition to being somewhat crazy—a shrink once diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder, which I thought was a bit of a stretch until I realiz...

The Awl

What If a Women's Magazine Editor Edited a BBC News Story About Syria?

Dec 2, 2013 ... near the historic Old City (SARAH, THIS ISN'T A TOURIST GUIDE TO ... Sarah Miller is the author of Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn and ......

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The Awl

Why Emma Watson Really Left Brown

Emma Watson looked out of the window of Pembroke Hall onto the intersection of Angell and Prospect and watched the line of vintage jean-jacketed 20-year-olds bl...

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The Awl

Winona Ryder's Forever Sweater

Ten years ago today Winona Ryder stole several thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from the Beverly Hills Saks Fifth Avenue. I reacted to the news of the...

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The Awl

The Other Person Is You

All I had to do in Albuquerque was rent a car and drive away from the place. I had asked the people at the rental car place for the smallest, cheapest car possi...

Open uri20140612 25712 4sl4hd article
The Awl

The Year In Cheating

2012 was the worst year ever for infidelity in America. I know that because I am American, and in 2012, my boyfriend cheated on me. Not only that, my boyfriend...

The Awl

I Do Care. I Don’t Love It.

Sep 5, 2013 ... Sarah Miller is the author of Inside the Mind of Gideon Rayburn and The Other ..... I guess I just felt a little attacked by this article by Sarah Miller....